Meet the Chief chai brewers Apoorv & Gauri

We both grew up in India, me in a small city in central India and she up in the northern mountains. Waking up each morning with a fresh cup of Mum's chai is how mornings began for us, all our lives.

When we moved to Melbourne, we craved that familiar taste of comfort - of a fresh aromatic cup of chai. Not chai latte, not chai syrups; they didn't taste like the ones at home. We wanted chai, as it's meant to be.

Since then, we indulged in our favorite source of liquid energy and the idea of Original Chai Co. was born. At Original Chai Co. we both specialize in brewing masala chai tea that gives you the taste of Indian homemade tea.

Each cup is brewed with enormous, smothering amounts of nostalgic love for our childhood mornings and love of chai. A sweet mix of black tea leaves, ginger, cardamom, milk and more. On full disclosure: we follow our mother's recipe to the brink, as old school as it gets.

A few other things...

We are People loving, Planet friendly folks and believe in doing good! We're committed to donating a portion of our yearly profits to Asha. Read more about Asha's phenomenal work on their website - www.asha-india.org

We are working towards being 100% sustainably sourced, planted and harvested and getting there!
And this is our story. Now come, stop by and have a cup of Chai with us.